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Best Geosynthetics International Paper for 2010

gs_thumbnailGeosynthetics International is an official journal of the International Geosynthetics Society and serves the mandate of the society to disseminate important technical developments to its members.

We are delighted to announce the best paper in Volume 17 (2010) based on votes cast by the Editorial Board Members. In this competition the Editor and Editorial Board Chairman were not eligible for this award and did not vote.

The “Best Geosynthetics International Paper for 2010” award goes to:
Zornberg, J. G., Bouazza, A. & McCartney, J. S. (2010). Geosynthetic capillary barriers: current state of knowledge. Geosynthetics International, 17, No. 5, 273–300.

The following paper was voted runner-up and thus receives honourable mention as “one of the best papers published in Geosynthetics International in 2010”:
Kongkitkul, W., Tatsuoka, F., Hirakawa, D., Sugimoto, T., Kawahata, S. & Ito, M. (2010). Time histories of tensile force in geogrid arranged in two full-scale high walls. Geosynthetics International, 17, No. 1, 12–33.

We thank the members of the Editorial Board for participating in the best paper selection process and congratulate the authors of these excellent papers. Each paper reflects the high standards of the Journal and is an important contribution to our geosynthetics discipline.

Geosynthetics International is published by Thomas Telford Ltd. All IGS members have free access to these papers.

R.J. Bathurst, Editor
J.P. Giroud, Chairman of the Editorial Board