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15th meeting of ISO/TC 221 “Geosynthetics” and WGs 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 London 2-4 October 2018

The International technical standardization committee on Geosynthetics (ISO/TC 221) organised its annual meeting this year in London, at the BSI headquarters, on kind invitation of the British geosynthetics industry.

The plenary session was chaired by Peter Atchison (UK), the newly appointed Chairman succeeding Steve Corbet (UK). The plenary meeting on 4 October 2018 was attended by 27 delegates from 13 countries. The plenary session was preceded on 2 – 3 October 2018 by meetings of all the working groups.

Highlights from the meetings of the working groups were:

  • WG 2, Terminology, identification and sampling, Convenor Erol Güler (Turkey).

Three new definitions for a future batch of new definitions in ISO 10318-1 had been discussed and agreed: Geosynthetic container (GCT), Prefabricated strip drain (PSD) and Geosynthetic cementitious composite (GCC). Discussions were initiated on two more definitions: Geosynthetic ballasted mattress (GBM) and Geosynthetic sand mat (GSM). ISO 10320:1999 (rev). All the DIS comments had been discussed and agreed – there were no contentious issues. The updated FDIS draft will be delivered shortly to the Secretary. ISO 9863-1 Amd1. The text is ready to go for DIS ballot.

  • WG 3, Mechanical properties, Convenor Daniele Cazzuffi (Italy).

ISO 22182. PL (Project Leader) Matthias Meisner presented results of the Round Robin tests. The aim is to meet the DIS deadline (36 months track project) of submitting a DIS draft by mid-March 2019. To facilitate this it was agreed to skip the CD stage. ISO 13426-1:2003 (rev). All the DIS comments were addressed. A new PL, Piergiorgio Recalcati, was appointed. The updated FDIS draft would be prepared and submitted to the Secretary by June 2019 at the latest for the launch of the FDIS ballot. ISO 10722:2007 (rev). All the DIS comments were addressed. A new PL, Pietro Pezzano, was appointed. The updated FDIS draft would now be prepared and submitted to the Secretary for launch of the FDIS ballot. WG3 agreed to nominate Piergiorgio Recalcati as the assistant ‘Convenor support’ (deputy to the Convenor).

  • WG 4, Hydraulic properties, Convenor Véronique Heili (France).

ISO 11058:2010 (rev). DIS comments were adjudicated at the meeting in Prague in May 2018. Secretary awaiting the updated FDIS draft in order to launch the FDIS ballot. ISO 12956: 2010 (rev). ISO 12958-1 ‘Index test’ & -2 ‘Performance test’ CDs have been issued. ISO 10772:2012 and ISO 10776:2012 have been confirmed.

  • WG 5, Durability, Convenor Sam Allen (United States)

Hyun-Jin Koo gave a presentation on the subject of a biodegradability test and this prompted a discussion about what a future standard would cover. ISO 13438:2004 rev. The FDIS ballot was underway closing on 2018-11-02. ISO/TS 13434:2008 rev. Henning Ehrenberg and Linda Nait Ali were confirmed as the PLs and a commitment was made to produce a draft by Christmas 2108. ISO/TR 18198. Sam Allen was confirmed as the PL and a commitment was made to produce a draft by early November 2018. ISO/TR 20432:2007. In the light of the recently closed results of the review via the CIB, it was agreed that the technical content in the TR should continue unchanged, however Iran had made a number of minor editorial comments so it was proposed that a ‘minor revision’ be pursued.

  • WG 6, Design using geosynthetics, Convenor Derek Smith (UK).

A ten part standard ISO/TR 18228 (in the initial deliverable format Technical Report) is under development. At the WG6 meeting on 24 May 2018 in Prague PGs 1, 5, 8 and 10 had met. On 2 October 208 at BSI PGs 5, 6, 8 and 10 met. ISO/TR 18228-1 & -2 are going to publication. ISO/TR 18228-3, -4, -7 & -9 are going to DTR ballot (CIB). ISO/TR 18228-5, -6, -8 & -10 final drafts will be ready by Christmas 2018. It was agreed that the terminology for Part 10 ‘Asphalt Overlays’ should be corrected to ‘Asphalt pavements’ to cover wider applications in accordance with Highways England’s recommendation. There was still time for the ISO/TR 18228-1 & -2 Forewords to be updated accordingly.

The next meeting will be held in Beijing, China on 20 – 22 November 2019, immediately following the two-day EAGS2019 conference organised by CNITA and EDANA.

Delegates were invited by the UK geosynthetic manufacturers and suppliers (Downley Consultants, Tensar, PAGeoTechnical, NAUE Geosynthetics, TCS Geotechnics, BOSTD International, Huesker, Maccaferri and Concrete Canvas) to a Medieval Banquet theatrical dinner experience. This was organized by Sophie Tranter of PAGeoTechnical. The event was good fun and appreciated by all attendees.

Reported by David Hyde, Secretary of ISO TC 221