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14th IGS Council and Secretariat RFP Info.

FaviconAt the recent 9th International Conference on Geosynthetics (9th ICG) held in Guarujá Brazil the IGS Council marked the beginning of a new Council term. At the General Assembly the officers and council members elected to serve for the 2010-2014 term were announced and officially took office. The elected officers are: Dr. Jorge G. Zornberg – President, Dr. Russell Jones – Vice President and Prof. Fumio Tatsuoka Immediate Past President. As per the IGS by-laws the new council elected a Treasurer and Secretary from amongst the council membership. John Cowland, the incumbent Treasurer was reappointed by the council to serve as the IGS Treasurer. Elizabeth Peggs, a 6 year member of the Council was appointed to the position of IGS Secretary. In addition to these appointments the IGS Council co-opted members in order to better represent the diversity of the IGS membership within the council. Gerhard Bräu continues as the Editor of IGS News and in that position has a permanent invitation to participate in council meetings.

J.G. Zornberg (U.S.A.) President F. Tatsuoka (Japan) Immediate Past-President
R. Jones (U.K.) Vice President J. Cowland (Hong Kong) Treasurer
E. Peggs (U.S.A.) Secretary G. Bräu (Germany) IGS News Editor
P. Abad (Spain) Council Member S. Allen (U.S.A.) Council Member
D. Bergado (Thailand) Council Member E. Blond (Canada) Council Member
M. Bouazza (Australia) Council Member N. Dixon (U.K) Council Member
P. Fantini (Italy) Council Member H. Jeon (Korea) Council Member
J. Kuwano (Japan) Council Member P. Legg (South Africa) Council Member
J. Otani (Japan) Council Member V. Pimentel (Brazil) Council Member
K. Rajagopal (India) Council Member M. Sadlier (Australia) Council Member
X. Tang (China) Council Member N. Touze-Foltz(France) Council Member
G. Vivar (Peru) Council Member C. Yoo (Korea) Council Member
M. Ziegler (Germany) Council Member  

IGS Secretariat RFP
The call for applications for IGS secretariat is open until 20 June 2010. Interested parties are advised to provide an expression of interest via email to Immediate Past -President Tatsuoka ( and Council member Sam Allen ( Those who send an expression of interest will be provided additional information which has become available after the recent council meeting in Guarujá.

Questions regarding this Press Release may be directed to the IGS Secretary Elizabeth Peggs by email to or by telephone to +1.561.655.2060.